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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free confidential benefit that can assist you with problems that interfere with your day to day activities. More Info

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Maintain, Don’t Gain!

Keep the extra pounds away throughout the holidays.

Maintain Don’t Gain is a 10-week online program that can help you stay at a healthy weight throughout the holiday season and into the New Year. More Info

Interactive EAP Website

Cascade Personal Advantage (CPA) is your interactive EAP resource for you and your family to build resilience and get answers to all of life’s tough questions.

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How Much Money Will You Need When You Retire?

EAP Navigator - November 2014

Retirement planning can be stressful and discouraging. With all the variables, how can you possibly know how much to save? More Info

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality.
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Recognizing Domestic Violence

EAP Navigator - October 2014

Domestic violence is behavior someone uses to control a spouse, partner, date or elderly relative through fear and intimidation.More Info

EAP News

Fall 2014

In This Issue:
Ways to Enhance Your Self-Esteem
Making a Good Decision in Seven Steps
How to Use Your EAP
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