Work Family Life

Cascade will help locate resources and information related to Eldercare, Childcare, Identity Theft, Resource Retrieval, and Home Ownership Assistance.
To access the Work Family Life benefit, please call Cascade Centers at 1–800–433–2320

Employees and family members may receive one initial thirty–minute office or telephone consultation per separate legal matter (up to three per year) at no cost with a network attorney. If the member decides to retain the participating attorney after the initial consultation, the member will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney's normal hourly rate.

Each covered member is eligible for 30 days of unlimited financial coaching at no–cost. Services are available for a variety of financial concerns and are provided by a network financial counselor. Coaches provide a needs analysis and online written action plan to help members achieve financial goals. Services are provided by experienced financial professionals and licensed CPA's. Additional financial coaching is available at a discounted rate.

Infant to college–age information and resources for childcare, education, parenting, and adoption information. Information is sent to the caller within 48 hours of intake assessment.

Finding solutions to the aging needs of our parents and ourselves such as housing, alternative living, home health, community services, legal concerns and medical issues. Information is sent to the caller within 48 hours of intake assessment.

Resource Retrieval
Cascade offers information and resource retrieval services for today's busy people. From dry–cleaners to dog–sitters, we help time–pressed employees and their families. We find you the information you need within two business–days of the call. This service saves you time by identifying, researching, and verifying information and resources for you.

Identity Theft Services
Employees and family members may receive up to a 60–minute free consultation with a highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialist™ (FRS). The FRS will conduct emergency response activities and assist members with restoring their identity, good credit and with the costly steps to dispute fraudulent debts, etc. Members also receive an Emergency Response Kit outlining actions and suggestions regarding Identity Theft Prevention and Restoration of the member's damaged identity.